Mokume Gane Bangle. THE TWIST of Wave reflects bangle 4mm width



Mokume Gane ( 木目金: โมกุเม่ กาเน่ ) Bangle. Woodgrain pattern metal jewelry from a historic Japanese samurai sword.

This Mokume Gane Bangleis made of sterling silver and high-quality copper. I had designed and produced this Mokume Gane pattern. And our highly skilled jeweler to assembling, welding, polishing, and plating inside with ruthenium to the unique look and prevent tarnish.

Mokume Gane layers: 20-30 layers of silver and copper.
Thickness: 1.8-2.0 mm
Bangle width: 4 mm
Bangle support: Sterling silver with inside ruthenium plated.

Package for the shipment.
1. Jewelry Gift Box
2. Cleaning Cloth
3. Warranty Card
4. wrapped with bubble cushioning and put in a cardboard box.

The Art of Achievement.



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